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Dynamic Optics supplies innovative solutions for deformable optical components and wavefront sensing. We can provide unique innovative transmissive wavefront modulators, ultra-high reflectivity deformable mirrors and solutions for wavefront sensing metrology.
We develop new applications in microscopy, vision science, astronomy, optical communications, high power lasers, head mounted display and defence.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Our adaptive optics in your system!


Adaptive optics can correct fast aberrations distortions generated by atmospheric turbolence.


Dynamic Optics deformable mirrors can withstand any laser power and peak intensity.


Dynamic Optics supplies systems for optical metrology for optical systems inspection, alignment, and quality control.

Dynamic Optics Solutions

Innovative solutions for deformable optical components and wavefront sensing

Perfect wavefront control in any situation

High power lasers, microscopy, medical instruments and telescopes can improve their performances by the integration of deformable mirrors for the wavefront control.

The easiest and versatile solution for adaptive optics

The easiness of integration of deformable lenses makes them ideal for aberration correction in in any optical system. Our deformable lenses have been tested in many instruments: microscopes, telescopes, ophthalmoscopes and lasers

High accuracy wavefront sensor for any spectral range

Dynamic Optics Shack Hartmann wavefront sensor is easy to use, flexible and fast. It can measure wavefront distortions with high accuracy and precision. 

Easy and high performance adaptive optics

High performance wavefront measurement and control software