Perfect wavefront control in any situation.

High power lasers, microscopy, medical instruments and telescopes

can improve their performances by the integration of deformable mirrors for the wavefront control.


The ideal solution for optical instruments and for high power lasers.

Dynamic Optics piezoelectric bimorph deformable mirrors

are the ideal components for the correction of optical aberrations for many applications: high power lasers, ophthalmic imaging, microscopy and optical communications.
Our deformable mirrors can use the same coating of your laser system either metallic or dielectric. We can support high reflectivity, high damage threshold, large bandwidth and low GDD. Our technology is the perfect trade off between cost and performances.



PSF Shaping Video

Deformable mirror with integrated fast tip/tilt stage


Wavefront control for kW class lasers

Dynamic Optics piezostack deformable mirrors

are the ideal component for aberration correction and beam shaping for high average power lasers. Our deformable mirrors exploit an athermal design to be able to work with extremely high average power without the use of active cooling.




Multichannel piezoelectric driver

Piezo Mini

multichannel piezoelectric driver

It is ideal for deformable mirrors and any type of piezo actuators.

Channels 32
Operating voltage -125/+125V or 0-250V
Communication USB
Max current n.a.
Size 32mm x 79mm x 120mm
Bandwidth 5kHz

Piezo Multi

Up to 128 actuators

Piezo Multi is a modular electronic solution for deformable mirror and piezoelectric actuators. It can be configured with USB or ethernet port with up to 128 actuators.

Channels 32 or 64 or 96 or 128
Operating voltage -125/+125V or 0-250V
Communication USB
Max current n.a.
Size n.a.
Bandwidth n.a.

Piezo Stack

High current piezoelectric driver

Piezo Stack Driver is a high current multi channel electronic driver designed for deformable mirrors and multy layer piezoelectric actuators. It communicates with plug and play USB port.

Channels 10 to 40 channels
Operating voltage 0V/+100V
Communication USB
Max current n.a.
Size n.a.
Max load n.a.