High performance wavefront measurement, control and sensorless optimization


High performance wavefront measurement and control software

Photon Loop is an easy and high performance wavefront measurement and control software

Photon Loop can be connected to any type of camera: CMOS, fast CMOS, SWIR and high speed cameras. Photon Loop offers many features: easy connection with other software using TCP IP protocol.

Image optimization systems

Wavefront correction software with just one button

Adaptive lens with an automatic wavefront correction system is the easiest way to carry out wavefront optimization. Converge does not require a wavefront sensor. Used in combination with an adaptive lens offers a plug and play solution for any optical system. It is ideal for any type of microscope: bright field, confocal, light sheet, multiphoton and superresolution.


Wavefront sensorless optimization software

Converge is a wavefront sensorless optimization software.

It is easy to use it with any type of microscope detector. The optimization is fast and easy. There is also the possibility of fast axial defocus scan.

Converge instructions

Converge mobile phone display optimization